Monday, January 19, 2009

4th Annual Superbowl Sunday Emerald Necklace Epic

Scheduled for Superbowl Sunday 2/1/09. Plan is to leave from my house (by John Carroll) at around 8am. Fenders and warm attire are recomended. Afterwards stick around for some beer and chili. All are welcome. Don't come if your soft.



Ray Huang said...

Goodness knows I need the base miles in now, but I will happily be coaching the Bunny Rabbits skiers at Chapin Sunday. I created a new game to play too. Star Wars Challenge!! I cannot wait to play it with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Brett, Darren here, get the van!!Then maybe we can fit my bike and some more crap in for our next trip down south. Anyway my new e-mail address is later

John P said...


This ride might be something I'd be interested in doing.

Want to shoot me an email at j.proppe (At symbol) if you don't mind me joining? Thanks!