Sunday, October 19, 2008

Team Spin Cross

Saturday was round 2 of the BA Cyclocross Series. The race was promoted by Team Spin and was held in a nice park in Willoughby, Ohio. The Spin guys did a nice job with a fun course, booming music, and awards ceremony at the Willoughby Brew Pub.
I got a decent warm up and a middle of the pack start. I held my place for a lap or so and made up a few spots, but then Ray came by, followed by Thom D., then Derek and Bill. I held Phil Hines off for a while but he got by me and got a gap. In the end, I got lapped right before the Start/Finish by Gerry P., Shawn and Paul Martin, so I ended up down a lap. Results are not posted, but I think I was 7th or so in the 40+ A Group behind Gerry, Rudy, Jeff, Derek, Bill and Phil. The series points should be interesting.
Generally, I felt ok, however, training and riding has been a bit sporadic the last few weeks. At least I am more fit than I was this time last year. Weight is still around 185 compared to 195 last year at this time. Here are some pics thanks to Rick A.

The course for the Chagrin River Cyclocross Challenge is pretty well laid out. We are riding out there on Wednesdays, so come on out starting at 5:30pm.

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