Thursday, July 03, 2008

Track Bike...

Here is a picture of the track bike I am building up. You can't see it from the picture but, there is some surface rust on the frame. One question I have is, how best to determine if there is any internal rusting?

The last thing I need is a frame failure at 30mph on an asphalt track. I am looking around for a rear wheel and likely a larger front chainring. The ring I have on it is a 42t and I am thinking a 48 would be more appropriate.
On the training front, Westlake went well last night. I felt good and was never close to getting dropped. We did around 25 laps for 50 miles of racing action. With 2 to go, Rudy, Shawn, Gary B. and 1 or 2 others got a gap, however the surging pack caught them on the last lap. I was in GREAT position about 4th or 5th wheel behind RGF riders Martin and Chernowski at about 4oom. The started their sprint and I could not make the acceleration from 29-30 to 33-36 to stay on their wheels. Oh well, next time. At least I was in the right position, now just need to work on the high speed sprinting. Commuted into work yesterday for 40 miles round trip at about 19 mph average. Twin Sizzler tommorrow.


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cyclonecross said...

We missed you at Twin Sizzler today! The older experts caught up to the younger guys, and everyone ended up finishing together.

I would recommend a 48t "Rocket Ring" because they will work with both 110 & 130bcd. Harris Cyclery has them near the bottom of the page.

Dunno about the rust thing. Donny or Ray might have some insight in that dept. Best I can come up with is tap hard on the frame all around with a mallet and see if you can hear anything shaking loose on the inside. I would also say that the seat tube is the most likely place for the rust to occur. It's more likely to be exposed to moisture, and because the seat post needs to move around there's probably not any rust protection there.