Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Riding, Wrenching & Racing

Riding - I am working on a good solid block of training at the moment. Commuted to work (20 miles each way) on Friday. Averaged just under 20 mph. Then on Saturday did 1.5 hours in the morning with the Shaker Cycling guys and then another 1.5 hours in the afternoon heat. Sunday did a 3 hour ride with the Shaker guys again. Yesterday did 35 minutes on the rollers. Tonight I am heading out to Westlake for Worlds. I believe they are getting up to 25 laps (50 miles) by now. Thursday or Friday, I am hoping to get some climbing in and then some good hours over the weekend.

Wrenching - I stripped down my dad's old (1980s) Bridgestone road bike. It is steel with semi-horizontal drop outs. It is about a 55-56cm frame and is a little too big (mostly standover) for me but I think it will make a decent track bike for Pista Elite's Thursday racing at Lorain County Speedway. All I need is a rear hub/wheel. Anyone know where I can pick one up cheap? I'll post a picture soon.

Racing - Not much racing lately. Next big race is 6 Hours of Power on July 27th. This weekend is the 27 mile Twin Sizzler Road Race which is always a good time. July 12th is either Shreve Challenge Road Race or a long training ride. I have been also thinking of doing another solo 24 hour race. Realistic options are Seven Springs 24 Hour on 8/30 or 24 Hrs of Mohican on 9/13. Or if these don't work out, another option for some serious saddle time is a 1000k brevet on 8/30 that starts down near Columbus.


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