Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Round Numbers

With rain forecast for the next few days and needing a big ride, I decided to ride to Westlake for Tuesday Worlds (aka Westlake Training Series). Left the house around 4:15 and took South Park to University Circle, then Carnegie to Ontario to Superior across Detroit-Superior bridge to Detroit to Clifton to Lake. The plan was to ride Zone 2 and/or Tempo but I was amped up and started motorpacing behind buses and trucks...dangerous but fun. When I crossed the bridge, I slowed a bit and kept it in Zone 3. Averaged nearly 21 mph, albeit with a bit of a trailwind, on the way over. Once I got to Westlake, I took off the pack, frame pump and did a few laps of the course.

For the race we did 19 laps. I was riding strong, but with 4 to go, Paul Martin put in a big 2 lap effort to pull back a 4-5 person break. After about a lap of 30+ I got spit off the back. I jumped back on after resting a lap and rode to the finish with the group. Did a few cooldown laps, then started getting ready to head home. Red blinky light, helmet mounted HID, knee warmers, base layer, vest, hat, clear lenses. After chatting with some people I rolled out, forgetting to eat. I rode about 20 mins or so and was feeling good until I felt that familiar bonk feeling. I quickly scarfed my last granola bar and stopped at a grocery store in Rocky River for a snack. I only had $1.00 so after some deliberation, I purchased a Payday bar. It did the trick as I was able to ride strong the rest of the way.

The numbers....5 hours ride time, just over 100 miles for a 20.1 average. Hope to do it again soon.


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