Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mohican Fever

Getting ready for a long day in the saddle on Saturday. 100 miles, 11k feet of climbing. Hopefully not too long, however!! I would love to be under 8:30 which would be 20 minutes faster than last year. Took Monday and Tuesday off. Plan to spin the legs out tonight, then do some hard efforts on Thursday and Friday.

Raced Saturday at Vultures Knob. Kevin and the boys did a great job! I forgot how hard XC races can be. I finished in 5th place in about 1:57 about 7 mins off John Lorson, the 36+ Expert winner and 20 mins (wtf?) off Twining and Wilhelm who won Expert OA. My first lap was 36 mins, followed by 40 mins then 41. I really suffered on the second lap and felt better on the third lap.



Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

I'll be there cheering you on Brett!

Investment Biker said...

Thanks Robert. Is your dad doing the 100k?

ds said...

Good luck this weekend, and tear some legs off. Just not your own.