Thursday, April 03, 2008

More Training Blather

Rush hour fixie riding on Tuesday evening was like a video game, except when you lose, instead of having to put in another quarter or hitting reset, you die (or at lease get smashed up). I did not lose, but perhaps it is a bit more excitement than I can handle. I ended up riding just over a hour, although I covered much more ground at higher speeds due to 20mph+ tailwind.

Took yesterday off the bike. This morning I did 2:10 on mountain bike. Rode steady Zone 2 out Gates Mill Blvd to Old Mill. I did 3 sets of east/west up/downs for 6 climbs total. For good measure, I did a final climb up Berkshire. On the last climb I confirmed that, for climbing, I like the position on the mountain bike MUCH better than the road bike. I need to make some changes to the road bike, I guess.



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Ray Huang said...

bring both bikes over and I can square them both up. I have spent WAY too much time on this lately with my bikes, level, plumb bob and rulers and tape. I should be able to knock out both your bikes quickly.