Thursday, November 08, 2007

Earlier today I was emailing a cycling friend of mine about a new mt bike that he bought...a roadie named Ray getting into offroad - yeahhh! In the email, I mentioned a group ride we do here in Cleveland area during the winter. I like the words, here they are, we should talk further...

"The past few years a group of us have been doing 3-6 hour rides along the pristine roads of the Cleveland Metroparks throughout the winter months. Snow covered roads, no salt, means snowy not wet, which is good. Wet and cold is bad. We ride the mtbs as the fat tires keep the speeds down and subsequently the wind chill. Start early and get your hours in before noon, when possible."

A picture of the love to come:


Fritz said...

C'mon, you don't really get any snow down there, do you? Actually, I remember a Dead show at Richfield getting snowed out back around '92, so I guess you qualify as a wintry city.

I'm hoping we get enough snow so we can't even consider riding. Time to hang up the bikes and bust out the tele boards, Bristol opens in 13 days!

Hope all is well - keep on riding. (And blogging)

Anonymous said...

what are you going to do with that other bike you have that loks just like that?