Thursday, July 19, 2007


Have been busy at work and with the family, but still getting some hours in. Got in 11 hours week before and about 10 last week. Hope to get around 10 or so this week as well. Gained a little weight, so I need to drop it before 8/4 Wilderness 101...the climbs are killer. I am at 185 and would love to get to 176-178. Problem is I have no discipline..with food that is.

Trying to decide whether to ride FS bike or hardtail at Wildnerness 101. Right now I am leaning toward hardtail as the climbs are generally fireroads with descents being technical.

That is all for now.



Fritz said...

185 is pretty chubby for a little guy, don't you think?

A real man would ride the 101 on a rigid bike. Probably a rigid singlespeed bike, even.

Jason said...

HT sounds good for the 101. The single track is tough, just not enough to warrant hauling a FS up those freaking climbs!! See you there and good luck.