Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Did some good riding the last week and a half culminating with a 100 mile road ride on Sunday. A group of us did ABC Ride during which we logged 100 miles in just under 5 hours ride time translating into a 20.1 mph average speed. Total time was 5:25 as we stopped for water three times. The group started with about 10 and was wittled down to 4 my mile 95. I got dropped at mile 95 and finished about a minute down after battling through some leg cramps.

Did an hour ez on Monday and some Leg Tension on Tuesday. Hoping to do the Chapel Series crit on Thursday to get some speed in the legs.

That's all for now.



Fritz said...

I got in a 70 miler on Sunday, I thought I was hot shit. Guess not. I should stop reading your blog, it is not good for my self esteem.

Keep up the good work.

Investment Biker said...


Ha, ha! Your the man, I don't care what Franz says. If it makes you feel better the 100 miles was VERY flat, not like your hilly 70 miler in ROCHESTER.