Friday, March 02, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Was traveling for work for a few days and was not able to post. Things have been pretty slow on the training front since Razorback Did about 5 hours last week and should end up with around 10 this week. The indoor trainer is starting to get a little BORING.

I am about 70% sure I am doing 12 hour race in TN in April. Supposed to be a lot of fast guys there...Tinker, Nat Ross, Harlan, Ernie among others. Top 5 would be huge there. Thats all for now.



Jason said...

man, you have the SAME car as I used to have. Damn I miss that thing.

I've been thinking 'bout Big Bear a ton lately. Looking forward to getting back there in o7.


Jeff Kerkove said...

Awesome! You need to do the DSG 12 Hour. Ergon will be there in full force! We are planning an Ergon pre-ride and demo the day before. Stay tuned to the DSG website.

Would be great to have you there!

Grant said...

This is Grant from the DSG team. We'd love to have you out there. This is stacking up to be a great event and we are stoked to have Jeff, Sloane and Team Ergon at the event. Feel free to contact us with any questions:



Investment Biker said...

Whats not to like about the Element. Any car I can sleep in is a keeper in my simple mind.

Don't think I'll make Big Bear this year. I love the course, the venue, the vibe, but with the 100 milers don't think I can do it all. Later,BRD

Investment Biker said...

I am pumped by what I hear about DSG race...atmosphere, stacked field and more. Hope to make it down there. Eight short weeks away. BRD

Rick said...

When/Where's the race Brett? I maybe able to come down to race/support if I can tie it in with a "business trip"; TN is part of my territory.