Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cold Temps

In years past, the cold never kept me inside on the weekends. I recall group rides at near zero temps. Perhaps I am getting old, perhaps I am getting soft. Whatever it is, I find myself riding my trainer more than ever. The extended forecast for temps in the single digits means more trainer time and perhaps a group trainer ride on Sunday. I have never done a LONG ride on a trainer in a group. Should be interesting. Need to get 4 hours in Sunday, at least. All this trainer time has me looking forward to FL.

Yesterday, built a snow fort with the kids before dinner.

As far as training goes this week, I did 45 min EZ on Monday, 1:30 Fast Pedal workout on Tuesday, 2:00 ride with intervals on Wednesday and and 2:00 hour endurance ride this morning. Should get in around 15 hours for the week. Weight is holding steady at 182, need to stop eating so much. Later, BRD

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