Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Snow

The Snow keeps coming and coming. Five day forecast call for more snow through the weekend into Monday. Hope to get outside this weekend, but perhaps will have to do my long ride inside on the trainer...yuck!
Did 1:50 this morning on trainer on hardtail mtb. Still got to work by 8am!! Did the 6 Drag Racer Max Outs. After the intervals, I rode the last 30 minutes in Zone 2 with front wheel elevated.

Also, looks like Ernie is riding down to Razorback with us and will be racing in the 12 Hour Solo class.

Weight is good at 182, fully hydrated.

Depending on weather this weekend, I may do my 4 hour test inside.



Rick said...

nice....way to go; your training your a$$ off. I do like the expensive front wheel block ya got there!

Investment Biker said...

Hoping not to burn out by June!!

Yeah, spare no expense on the wheel block.