Thursday, October 12, 2006

2007 Planning

With 2006 season wrapping up, I am starting to think about 2007 goals, races, training, etc.

I continue to work with coach Brent ( as I firmly believe the structure I incorporated in 2006 has really helped. I am looking to continue to improve my speed and fitness in 2007. While I still think I need to work on Endurance, I need to get faster in 1 hour to 3 hour efforts, so I can stay with the leaders in the 6-12 hour events.

Right now I am formulating race goals, training goals and an overall plan for 2007. The big picture is as follows: Dec 15 - Jan 15 Base Miles; Jan 15 - Feb 15 Base Miles plus Some Intensity to prepare for 12 Hours of Razorback; Feb 20 - March 30 Intensity and Speed Work to get faster and be ready for Westlake Training Series ( which begins in early April. Local road and mtb races in April and May followed by the start of the Ultra 100 Miler Series ( Mohican 100 is usually beginning of June and I will be ready.

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