Friday, September 29, 2006

Solid Week for Me

Excited for final XC race of the year this Sunday at WB. Here is the link ( Prep has been so far so good this week.

– did 20 min easy spin to recover from Sunday effort.

Tuesday – In the evening did 1:20 outside on mtb with slicks. 4 x 7 Fast Pedal in mostly low Zone 4. Did a couple nice hard efforts on the way home.

Wednesday – Did 1:00 on the trainer with the mtb. 2 sets of descending intervals

Thurs – Did 45 mins on trainer on new road bike.

Friday – Did 1:45 outside on the new road bike. See picture.

Sat – will do 4 x 5 min VO2 Max Intervals

Sunday – XC Race

Weight is down to 183. Will likely be around 180 for Sunday.


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