Monday, June 05, 2006

Gettin Ready

This week I am making last minute arrangements for 24 Hr of Big Bear. Lots of packing, a little bit of riding and lots of thinking.

The field is looking pretty strong with about 12 entrants so far. Some fast people. My original goal was 15 laps of the 12 mile course. My guess is that the winner will do at least 16 or 17. The weather could change that.

I am hoping that the top 3 guys will go out really hard and blow themselves up so I can sneek onto the podium. At this point it is all mental....short pit stops, stay moving, no metal errors, push through the "dark" times that are sure to come.

I did a "test" on Satuday and it went pretty well. Did 4 hours on mtb with knobbies on the road. Ended up with over 70 miles and put in some hard efforts along the way, inluding at the end. I am ready to rock and roll come next Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Amazing I've been married to you for almost 10 years....and I'm still learning new things about you ...I had no idea you created this blog....anything else I should know?

alexdolpp said...

Hey man, pretty sweet what you did at Big Bear! Congrats!