Tuesday, June 13, 2006

big bear, short version

Full write up to follow next week, but here is a brief recap.

I was late to the start line as I was trying to figure how to hold baton for the entire race. Got to the line and about 60 seconds later, we're off.

I sprinted the first 30 meters and then settled into a nice running pace. I got to my bike in like the top 20 or so. My goal was 15 laps so I would need to average 1.5 hours per lap for first 6 laps and 1.75 hours thereafter.

Stopped for about 10 minutes dinner, but other than that kept stops short.

Other thoughts.

We had a great camp site close to the track, which really helped.

These races are hard mentally, it is easy to just pack it in and quit, have to keep positive.

After some reflection, racing 24 solo seems a but excessive, pun intended.

Hallucinations should be embraced not feared, I say no more.

What does not kill you makes you stranger??

Thanks to all the Ohio people for their vocal support!


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