Monday, March 13, 2006

No Posts, But Lots Going on

Never fear, I am alive and well. Been busy at work, at home with the family and training. Just logged back to back 12 hour weeks of training and am planning on 14 hours this week. I had a easy week after Razorback and have been hard at it since then. Above is a picture of me at Razorback (I the second guy, sorry I can't use photshop). :)

If anyone cares, last week my workouts were as follows:

Monday 3/6
Took Monday off

Tuesday 3/7
did 35 minute Zone 1 recovery ride on trainer.

Wednesday 3/8
Went to gym at lunch and rode spin bike. 10 min warm up, then 4 x 5 min Leg Tension. HR was Low Zone 4 about 152-157. 5 min rest between and 10 min cooldown.

Thursday 3/9
Got outside in afternoon. Did Chippewa course 3 times in about 40-45 minutes at average speed of just over 19 mph. Rode steady tempo up the first part of climb then attacked on steep part. Attacked rollers on back side then recovered a bit on flat sections. Then met a buddy and we rode south on Riverview into a head wind for 15 miles then turned around and came back. Did out and back in about 1:30. Ended up with 2:15. Felt REALLY good. During out leg we were TT effort the whole way. Then recovered a bit and hammered another 6-7 miles then rode tempo rest of the way.

Friday 3/10
Legs were pretty tired from yesterday so did 1 hour zone 1 on trainer.

Saturday 3/11
Went outside for 1:45. Did 5-6 stomps and rest Zone 3 with 2 10-15 min tempo sessions.

Sunday 3/12
Rolled out at 7:10 in a light rain on road bike. Short warm up then Zone 3 Tempo for about 45 minutes. Met group in Brecksville and rode for 3 plus hours then rode home steady Zone 2 and 3. Legs felt good during last 1 hour.

Monday 3/13
On the spin bike during spin class did 30 Zone 1, then 45 minutes Zone 2, then 15 min cool down. Sat in back and did my own thing.

I am planning on doing some of the Spring Road and Mtb races. Here is the schedule:

3.25 - Mid-Ohio Gran Prix, Lexington, OH
3.26 - OVR Spring Series, College Corner, OH
4.01 - Tour of Richland Co, Lucas, OH
4.02 - OVR Spring Series, Mt Sterling, OH
4.09 - OVR Spring Series, Lynchburg, OH
4.15 - Sugar Grove RR, Sugar Grove, OH
4.22 - Races at the Lake, Munroe Falls, OH
4.22 - OVR Spring Series, Spring Valley, OH
4.23 - OVR Spring Series, Vandervort's Corner, OH
4.23 - OMBC XC, Vulture's Knob, Wooster, OH
4.29 - Races at the Lake, Munroe Falls, OH
4.30 - Wilkesville Classic, Wilkesville, OH
4.29 - Races at the Lake, Munroe Falls, OH
5.06 - Races at the Lake, Munroe Falls, OH
5.07 - OMBC XC, Mohican Wilderness, Loudonville, OH
5.13 - Races at the Lake, Munroe Falls, OH
5.21 - Chippewa Creek Road Race, Brecksville, OH

Hope to hit as many of the highlighted ones as a can.

Enough for now, got to go. -BRD


JB said...

Did a double take when I saw that picture. Thought I was at Eddie O's blog.

How's the winter been up in Cleveland? Lived there (Cleveland Heights) years ago.

Good luck at TI. See ya there.


Realestatecyclist said...

Winter is good for mental training, riding across Iowa does not seem as hard after those 4-6 hour sub freezing rides.

Sorry to say, I am out for TI.

Good luck, you'll need it.