Thursday, February 09, 2006


Above is a picture of me at an Akron area cross rae on the attack!!

Got new bike on Monday and put it together. It is sweet. I don't have a scale but it must be around 23 lbs, which is stupid light for a full suspension bike. Have been getting it dialed in for 12 Hours of Razorback. Have been riding it on the trainer, stopping periodically to adjust my position. It feels pretty good right now. I hope to get over to Rays Indoor Mtb Park ( before I leave to ride some technical stuff. I can't bear the tought of taking it out on the salty roads, plus I hear Ray is putting in some XC stuff.

So far this year I have 68 hours since Christmas. Last year at this time I had around 47 hours. Sooo, I am hoping that more hours AND more structure should translate into good results at 12 hrs of Razorback. Last year finished 27th out of 125 (+-) solo entries. I'd like to get in the top 10 this year. It would be a huge accomplishment and would probably require doing 12-13 laps at 10 miles per lap.

This week will be easy week with around 10 hours. Last few weeks have been good....10:15, 14:50, 11:25 and 12:35 last week.

Next week will be packing/bike prep and what not. Later, BRD

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