Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Weather & Stuff

It's been raining non-stop here in Cleveland for a couple days now. It is supposed to clear up by the weekend and get into the low 60s, which is good. Hope to do a 5-6 hour ride on Sunday and am trying to arrange to meet some friends along the way. Will likely end up with 12-13 hours this week.

We have some new people joining our team ( for 2006 and we are pretty pumped. Good people and strong riders. Should have a nice mix of Cat 3 and Cat 4s on the road next year.

Tonight I am meeting my coach ( to do the "3 mile test" on the computrainer. This will help us figure out my HR training zones among other things. My coach is bringing along a friend that is visiting from France, he just signed to ride for AG2r, how cool is that? I hope he doesn't laugh at me during the test;)

As an unsponsored rider, I pay all my own expenses and for equipment for races. I am hoping to find a light company to help me out, at least a discount, for next year. I am trying to get in touch with local rep for NiteRider ( to see if I can help them promote their products.

Later, BRD

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