Thursday, October 27, 2005


Met with my coach and the guy that runs Endurance Sport Solutions and did a 3 mile TT on a Computrainer to determine my HR training zones. The course was flat. They say your LT HR is 8 BPM less than your average for the test and your max HR is 8 BPM more than the average.

For the test, I averaged 24.1 MPH and over 310 Watts. It took me just over 7 minutues. My average HR was 171, which means my LT HR is somewhere around 163-165 and my max (based on this test) is 180. My LT HR is right on based on my past experiences although this test is not a good one for determining max HR. My max HR is likely closer to 185-190. Anyway, that hurt!! I guess that's why thye call it the puke test.

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