Monday, October 24, 2005

Good Weekend

Got my first set of workouts from coach BE. Did 2 hours endurance ride on Saturday and was supposed to do some fast pedals, but my derailleur exploded and I so I was limited to the 48x19. Sooo, I did some leg tension stuff and just rolled around keeping HR around 140-150.

Sunday, did 3 hour endurance ride with Ehrlinger. Did 5 x 7 big gear leg tension drills. It was a classic fall day, changing leaves, sunny skies, 45-50 degrees...its was awesomely cool! Later that night, we took kids to the circus and dad got a belly ache!

Monday, morning did 1.5 hours on trainer. I have not ridden the trainer in a LONG time. But with darkness and cold, it is a necessary evil. Did 20 min warmup with 4 x 9 fast pedal, kept cadence at 105 to 110 with HR sub 155.

Supposed to get 9-10 hours this week, trying to get primed for some cross. Later, BRD

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