Friday, October 21, 2005

Coaching & Cross & Schedule

As I mentioned in previous posts, I just hired a coach for the 2006 season. My season starts the week beginning 10/31. Next week we are scheduled to do an 8 minute test to determine my HR training zones. Test will be performed on a computrainer as is affectionately know as the "puke test." Oh boy, I can't wait.

The Bike Authority ( Cyclocross Series Starts 2 weeks from tomorrow. We are going to be doing some cross specific workouts throughout cross season, then start piling on the volume. Beyond cross, by 2006 schedule is pretty much laid out. Same events as last year with a few exceptions. So far it is looking like 12 hrs of Razorback (, TransIowa (, local spring road races, 24 hrs of Big Bear (this time solo!!) (, Wilderness 101 ( among others. I'll post the full schedule when it is done. Later, BRD

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