Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting Ready

After hosting my two day Halloween cross race, I raced a few more of the series races, including the Kirtland Park finale. Kudos to Lake Effect for a super fun course. After the race Fast Track hosted the awards party at Bohemian National Hall in Slavic Village which is just adjacent to the lot we plan to build the outdoor track on this summer. Good times.

Thanksgiving week brought a few days off work and some good saddle time (14 hours and 220 miles). Best training week of 2011 (WTF?). Got the training plan and early season races for 2012 season all laid out. Thanks to Team Spin, I will be back racing for them and hope to improve over a very lackluster 2011. Going back over my training journals for the last 10 year, I discovered (no surprise) that 2011 was my lowest training volume EVER (well at least since 2002 when I started keeping a journal). Lots of reasons, but looking forward to getting fast (again?).

Weight is down to 202 (from 220 plus in September) and good habits are becoming just that....habits. I am pumped for simply being on the bike and hope to carry this enthusiasm throughout the winter into the early spring road races.

Thanks to all my friends and family for their support during this past year (it was a drain).



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