Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long time no blog

Well what can I say...been busy with life. Busy at work, kids playing sports, and since April 1 my dad's been at The Cleveland Clinic for 45 of the last 56 days fighting bladder cancer. Two surgeries, some complications and a long receovery. The good news is that he is cancer free and is getting stronger slowly but surely.

Not much bike riding or any exercise for that matter. My weight is at all time high. I am in BAD shape. The good news is my lovely wife arranged for me to work out with a personal trainer for the next three months, two times per week at Lifetime Fitness. Thanks honey!! I love you!! Today was first day....lots of core...lots of sweating.....felt good. I should be in race shape in September just in time for Power Series races at Manatoc and Westbranch. Then maybe hit it hard for cross season.

In the meantime I am racing Mohican 100k next weekend. This is not going to be pretty, however, it will be nice to get out in the woods.

I have also been working on building some additional trails at my parents place. Hoping to piece together a 3 to 4 mile loop using the cross course as the center piece. There may be a mountain bike race or early season "modified" cross race on tap for late summer early fall.

Also, the baord members of Fast Track Cycling have been hard at work on Velodrome project. We are looking to buy a 160m track to be located outdoors during the summer and falls months. Shoot me a message of you'd like to learn more.



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