Thursday, November 11, 2010

Long Overdue Update

Time flies....been busy. Here's the dirt:

Round #2 of Power Series - Manitoc Mtb Race - brutally fast course and field...i was slow. Results here. Great event, kudos to Kevin and 331 Racing.

Next was Round #3 of Power Series - Westbranch Enduro - 5 (very slow) laps of some of the finest singletrack in Ohio. Good to finish, when quitting seemed like the thing to do. Results here.

Reagan Park TT was next up. Forgot front wheel for mtb bike and ended up racing the cross bike. Tough trails for a cross bike. Fun event, but my results were not so great.

Missed the Vultures Knob finale to the Power Series. I ended up 5th on overall vet expert series points behind some good, tough racers. Already thinking about next year!!

Also missed the first couple cross races but did the NEOCX Series race at Solon. Nice venue with some good potential. It was a nice day so I rode two hours to the race and then did the B group race. Raced slowly (see a trend forming?) and then rode home for a solid 4.5 hours of saddle time.

Next up was the cyclocross race that I promote, the 5th Annual Chagrin River Cyclocross Challenge. Someone did a cool video and posted it as Cycling Dirt. Pre-race there was lots of course prep leading up to the race that kept me off the bike for the most part. Promoting a race like this is a lot of work, but its fun. I think we'll do it again, with some improvements, of course.

Lastly was Iceman with Keller, Cramer, and Forman. Over 4,000 entries and a big party. Ended up riding a smart race (lots of energy saving drafting) and finished in 2:05 for 15th of 115 in the 41 Age Group. Did I mention they had a big party afterwards?

Now moving into a Fall/Winter training program. Lots of longish rides and such. For 2011, I am looking for new races and some improved results. Life is good.



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