Monday, September 28, 2009

10 Years of Racing

With about 6 weeks until Iceman, I have been looking back at my 8 years worth of training journals to try to make the best use of the training time that I do have. I like graphs. The one below shows my annual cycling hours, average weight on a weekly basis and number of races.

What does this stuff mean? Maybe that during this time, I have never had body fat percentage of an elite cyclist? Maybe that my hours have been consistent with no big blocks taken off due to illness, burnout or overtraining? Maybe, I would like to think I can continue to get faster? I do know that I truly enjoy all aspects of cycling (wrenching, riding, racing, equipment, comraderie and competition) and that love all types of cycling (road, mtb, cross and now track).
In going back over my training journals, I did realize that 2009 is my 10th year of bike racing (I did not keep training records in 2000 and 2001). My first race was back in 2000 at Alpine Valley and I finished DFL in the Beginner Class. It was agonizing and I'll never forget it.
Upon some reflection, I think that my ten year racing anniversary is deserving of something of note, something special. A big party? No, nothing new there. Only another month or two left in the year. Maybe go 100% towards a big result at Iceman (Expert 40-45 AG)? Now that sounds interesting.
More later.


Fritz said...

I like graphs too. I wish I could devote as much time as you do to riding. Here's one of mine...

Investment Biker said...

1,500 mins/month is about 6 hours a month right? Sounds like your doing good!

Ray Huang said...

With that sick Specialized hard tail, no excuses at Ice Man. Bring it!! HOpe to see you Wednesday.

Investment Biker said...

Ray, do you have the iceman course on your computrainer? If so, I would like to try it out. Email me.