Friday, July 03, 2009

100K on the Fixie

Roads were wet this morning so I got out the Raleigh One Way. Left the house at 8am with plans for a 2 hour ride with Shaker Cycling group (Scott, Brian, Orv and Chris). 70 miles and 4+ hours later, I rolled back to the house. Ouch, legs are a little sore from pushing the 42x15 fixed gear.

Despite the wet roads, we did not get rained on, which was nice. We took Brainard to the Metro Parkway through Bedford, to Tinkers to Canal then south on Riverview past Peninsula to the Szalzy(sp) Farmers Market where we turned around and headed back to Peninsula. Climbed 303 east and took the hike n bike back to Alexander then back through Bedford metro park.
Thinking of riding down to Medina tomorrow for the Twin Sizzler. Hope I can find someone to give me a ride home.

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