Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Fun!

Since Mohican I have been busy at work and still trying to do some bike riding. After a little recovery, I did a nice block of riding totaling 14 hours in six days that included (on day four) a big 5 hour sufferfest on June 7th. The ride totaled 85 miles and included a 58 mile version of the CVNP Death Ride. Rodgers, Rusty, Mike Fletcher and I managed to average over 18 mph for this 58 mile very hilly route. Mike (rides for CAMBA) is a total stud and climbs, literally, like few others I have seen in person.

I followed that up a hard 1 hour of hill repeats on Monday June 8th and then 2.5 hours of hard riding at Vultures Knob on Tuesday. I took a few days off and raced this past Saturday at Groovy Series #3 at Vultures Knob. Pictures courtesy of Ryan Knopf.

I took the RV, the wife, kids and two dogs and we camped out. Kids bike race, daddy's bike race, beer brats, smores, single speed race and fireworks highlighted the evening. Results are here.
Rodgers won the single speed challenge and a sweet trophy. Twining got second in under 35 Expert and I gritted out a 3rd in the over 35 expert. Ross raced the Stupid 50 in PA and scored a top 20 amongst a loaded field.

Next race is the Wayne Ultra on June 28th. I am going to focus on climbing for the next 7-9 days and then take some time off before the race.



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