Friday, April 10, 2009

Life is Good

With it being good Friday and all, my office is closed today but I have some work to do, so I rode the bike in. Rode the S Works hardtail mtb. Trying to get some miles on it before Cohutta 100 on April 25th. Below is a picture from my morning commute by way of the Rocky River Reservation. Nice!

I read this on Velonews. Pretty funny statement by Astana sport director Sean Yates about Chris Horner who crashed the other day and may have broken his shoulder.

“He’s in great shape right now. He also got injured at the Tour of California, but he stayed skinny and came here just flying. He was chasing down breaks (Thursday) with a finger in his nose,” Yates said. “He could have easily been in the top 5 here. After he did his work at Arrate for Contador (on Wednesday), he was sitting with that group at one minute back. Those other guys were all on the red and Chris was just spinning.”

Someday I want to be that fast so I can chase breaks down with my finger in my nose. That will be a great day!



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