Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Torture Chamber

Below is a picture from the area of my basement dedicated to what some consider "self inflicted torture." I view it as a neccesary evil so as to not got dropped on those early spring training rides and races.

Note: The 120 watt bulb shining in my face is the closest thing to the actual sun that I will see for several months.

Yesterday, I had an early morning meeting so only managed 30 minutes comprised of a 10 min warm up and 20 mins at Zone 2 (210 watts for you power geeks).

Last night did some pull ups with the kids.

This morning I was up early and did 1:35 consisting of 15 min warm up then 30 min Zone 2 at 200 watts, then 2 x 6 min Fast Pedal at 225-240 watts with 4 min recovery, then 2 x 10 min Leg Tension at 225-240 watts with 5 min recovery, then 10 min cooldown.


Ray Huang said...

YOu can come over and do a 100 mile hilly course on my Computrainer close to race time. You may come out with saddle sores and a jello head, but hey you'll be in great shape!!

Investment Biker said...

Ray, When did you get a computrainer? I might want to have you help me with some baseline testing.