Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all! I have been taking it easy the last few weeks with minimal biking (or exercise for that matter). Lots of eating though.

Got back in the routine this morning with a vigorous 1 hour trainer ride. 10 min Zone 1, 30 min Zone 2 (200 watts) and then 5 x 30 second 400+ watt efforts with 30 second rest between. Then did 10 min cooldown followed by 2 x 7 pullups on the new pull up bar . I used to be able to bang out 15 or so at a time, but this is not too bad considering how much weight I am moving around:) Thanks to the Maruts for the inspiration.

Lots of trainer time the next few months as I try to get ready for the the NUE Series races:

Saturday, April 25: Cohutta 100 (Tennessee)
Saturday, May 30: Mohican 100 (Ohio)

Saturday, June 20: Lumberjack 100 (Michigan)
Saturday, July 18: Breckenridge 100 (Colorado)
Saturday, August 1: Wilderness 101 (Pennsylvania)
Saturday, August 15: Fool's Gold 100 (Georgia)
Sunday, September 6: Shenandoah Mountain 100 (Virginia)
Saturday, September 12: Tahoe-Sierra 100 (California)

At a minimum, I plan to race Cohutta, Mohican and Wilderness 101. If family and work schedules allow, I would like to squeeze in 1 more to get four races as that qualifies you for the overall series points. Cohutta is supposed to be a real ball buster with over 12k feet of climbing in 100 miles of service roads and single track. Hopefully, I can have some fitness by then.


Shawn Adams said...

get some! climbin'

Bill said...

BRD, How's the pull ups going? that bar is the nadz.....Glad you got one.

Investment Biker said...

Speaking of climbing, you have any interest in doing Snake Creek on 2/7?