Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mohican it is

After some deliberation, I mailed my registration for 24 hours of Mohican which is being held 9/13 and 9/14. It has taken me just over 2 years (since 2006 24 Hours of Big Bear) to forget how hard these 24 hour solo races are. For me, they are harder mentally than physically. For some reason, I usually feel pretty good on the bike but after 16 hours or so (4am in a race that starts at 12 noon) stopping seems like a good thing to do. At that point it is a battle mentally to stay on the bike and keep moving forward. Stopping is bad, moving forward, no matter how slow is good!

Plans are coming together and training is on track. The course is around 9.5 miles with over 1,600 feet of climbing per lap. Should be nice long ride:) Hoping to beat the course record of 16 laps set by Tinker Juarez in 2005.

I took a few days off last week but still ended up with over 10 hours. This week did some hill repeats on Monday, raced at Westlake on Tuesday, today is an off day or an ez spin, Thursday is more hills, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are play it by ear. Here are some pics from Westlake last night. Thanks to Gary B. Check his site out for more.


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JC Sell said...


Good luck at Mohican. I got a couple questions for you. First, on last Saturday's ride, was that the typical pace? And I've got a few others, if you get the chance email me at:

Thanks. JC