Monday, July 14, 2008

Get Your Climb On

Did this ride the other day. The route is 50 miles but riding into valley from my house I ended up with just over 60 miles door to door. Basically it goes in an out of the Chagrin Valley with SR 6, County Line, SR 91 and Chagrin Falls as your North, East, West and South boundaries. It inlcudes 10 climbs and took me just under 3.5 hours. Need to get a Garmin to determine the amount of climbing. I am guessing about 4,000 feet. Rode the climbs hard and rode Tempo on the flats.



cyclonecross said...

After the racing schedule thins out a little, would you want get together for the Death Ride? I'm thinking it would be a good way to ramp up for the CX season.

Don said...

The Chagrin Challenge looks like fun and it's in our neck of the woods. Did you create this ride?

Investment Biker said...

Gary - death ride is similar to this but a bit longer at over 75 miles.

Don - This map is from the old Cleveland Touring Club (CTC) web site.


Rick said...

looks like brett needs to lead this ride from his house and then have a party afterwards!
Good seeing you at the worlds last night.

JimmyNick said...

Can you scan that in as a PDF or JPEG and email it or post it? That way I can get a better look at all the climbs I could never finish in the same day.

- JN

cyclonecross said...

Here ya go Jim.