Monday, July 28, 2008

6 Hours of Power (or 7 in my case)

Busy weekend with a quick trip to Erie, PA for beach time at Presque Isle SP on Friday evening and Saturday. Spent all day at the beach Saturday, weather was awesome. Saturday night was barbque time and some adult beverages. Sunday morning I left the family in Erie to compete in the 6 Hours of Power at Holiday Valley Ski Resort in Elicottville, NY. Team had some great results and there is more here. Full results are here.

It was a tough course as they had a lot of overnight rain. Reminded me of Snowshoe back in the day with all the wet rocks and roots. I started slow and was just grinding out laps trying to stay off the ground. Ended up with 6 laps and finished right at 7 hours. At least I got my money's worth!! Finished 5th in my age group out of 20 or so.



cyclonecross said...

Nice Job! What's up with the lap times for the guy who got 3rd in your race?

Investment Biker said...

Thanks. Yeah, I saw that. Looks like there might have been a mistake. There is no way he got six laps going that slow. They only went three deep so it does not matter to me in 5th.