Monday, April 28, 2008

Training Volume

Preparation for Mohican 100 is coming along. My hours by week have been steady at around 10 hours per week and my weight is down to 188. Still have another 8-10 pounds to drop before May 31.

Training Volume by Week:

3/17 – 10:00 over 6 days
3/24 – 10:10 over 6 days
3/31 – 11:40 over 5 days
4/7 – 9:20 over 5 days
4/14 – 9:30 over 5 days
4/21 – 11:55 over 6 days

Hoping to get 14 hours this week.

Raced RATL over the weekend, ouch. Paul Martin was sporting the stars and stripes and there were probably 10 or so other Cat 1s in the 1/2/3 race. I found myself tail gunning at the back and when the splits started happening I was too far back to cover the gaps. Need to stay a little closer towards the front. Did not do OMBC #3 at Vultures Knob. I did a 4 hour 70 mile training ride. On the road by 7am and home by 11am for some home repair and play time with the kids.


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