Monday, March 31, 2008

Ride Update

Trying to stay consistent with riding. I have noticed that, for me, frequency is more important that volume for increasing fitness. So with that in mind, my week went like this:

Friday - 1:20 zone 2 ride on trainer. 20 min warm up, then 10 min at 200 watts, then 50 minutes at 220 watts. HR was 125-132. Weird that power was zone 2, but heartrate was lower than usual.

Saturday - 2 hours on fixie. Met up with Brent, Mark, Chris and a few others. They did 3+ hours. On the way home, I climbed Old Mill…ouchy....42 x 15 hurts.

Sunday - 2 hours on hardtail mountain bike. Did Old Mill up/down 3 times for 6 climbs total. Then rode kids around on The Wagon Train for 1.5 hours.

The Wagon Train (Old picture, kids are bigger now!)

Kids are growing...combined kid weight of 120 lbs. With the bike, the third wheel and the burly, its a lot of rolling weight. Now that they are older, boths kids want to pedal, so I think a tandem is in my future. Tandem with the third wheel, maybe I won't have to pedal at all.



JC Sell said...

Your wagon train set up is strikingly similar to Joe Kurmaskie's set up for his book: Momentum is Your Friend....Check out my blog for a review.

ps: I'm in U.H. too, maybe I'll catch you on the road sometime.

Investment Biker said...


Thanks for the link. That guy must be tough as nails to ride that thing cross country. Sounds like a good read. I like your blog. Hope to see you on the road.