Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back At It

Finally, finally, finally got in a week with over 10 hours. Its been since January. I hope to string a few together, particularly if the weather continues to improve. So far this week I have been on the trainer. Not sure if anyone cares but so far this week has gone as follows:

Mon-Rest day

Tues-1:30 on trainer. Did 10 min warm up, then 3 x 6 MILE intervals at Zone 3/4 heart rate and 300-320 watts power.

Wed-1:00 on trainer in Zone 2 (136-145 HR and 200-230 watts).

Thurs-1:20 on trainer. 20 min warm up then 4 x 6 min intervals. Kept power at 290-320 watts and HR was at 158-163. 2 min rest in between. Then did 7 or 8 30 sec spin ups at 450-550 watts in various gears.



Ray Huang said...

Nice work!! Keep it up!!

Investment Biker said...

Thanks Ray. That testing stuff on your site sounds hard! I am curious to calibrate the power meter I have to see if it is accurate.

Bill said...

Wow, hard workouts....They will sure pay off.


Investment Biker said...


Are your riding tomorrow (Friday) or Sunday? Drop me a line a bdavis at ironwood-dev dot com.