Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Weak of Training!

No, I did not mis-spell the title. Not much riding, but VERY productive in othet, family, etc. I did a good yoga session and got in 2.5 hours on REALLY icy trails today. Holy shit, I have never seen ice like that on the singletrack. Ross (not his real name) and I (not me) did some poaching time at Bedford and the Nat. Park (are the Feds and trail police monitoring this blog?).

Anyway, leaving a week from Thursday for FL. Not as "gunning hoes" this year, but at least I won't burn out in Sept/Oct, and miss all the good local off-road riding. Goal for the 12 Hour Solo race is to not step off my steed, unless I am switching bikes, until it is Miller Time.




Anonymous said...

gunning hoes? High Life? speak for yourself,im gunning for hoes.

Anonymous said...

Brett, you have to read this, its people talking about how technical the 12hour course is set up this year compared to last year at razorback.

Bill said...

have another beer dude!