Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ouch That Hurt!

No riding since I got back from FL. So today I needed to blow out the pipes and boy did I ever. Headed out about 10:15am and headed toward Brecksville via the "long way." Skies were clear, temps were supposed to get near 40 and roads were dry so I took the Specialized Tarmac out. Wow, I forgot how fast those skinnies are.

The plan was to meet up with the Lake Effect group that meets at noon at SR21 and Metroparkway. I got there about 10 minutes late, and they were gone. So I called Rick Adams and as luck would have it he was on his way out for 1:45 Tempo (Zone 3) ride. So we rolled down into Peninsula south of SR303. We turned around at Szalys and headed north. Rick turned off to go home and I was at 4 hours, so I had to boogy home to see the family. Ended up with 5 hours and about 75-80 miles. I rode pretty hard, I just can't ride Zone 2, I don't like going slow.


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