Sunday, January 27, 2008

Riding and Smilin'

Ended up getting in just under 4 hours (3:51) and 51 miles on the mtb. Kept it pretty stuctured until the end I just hammered to get home as I was getting wet from the roads and a bit of sleet was coming down. Route was Fairmout to Eaton to Southpark to Fairhill to Carnegie to Downtown Cleveland to Broadway to Rockefeller to Independance to Metropark Visitor Center to Towpath to Carriage Hill connector to Hike N Bike to Bedford Metropark. I then followed all purpose trail (as the roads were wet and I had no fenders). Metropark trail to Cochran to Brainard to Shaker to John Carroll.

Work went like so:
20 min warm up;
40 min block of Zone 3/4 (Most of this was riding down Carnegie Ave. on the snow covered side walk to stay off the wet roads. Went downtown and through the old LTV plant to the start of the towpath at Visitor Center near Harvard Ave;
Stopped for 30 seconds and did a 15 min Zone 5 effort to simulate start of a race;
Then did 6 x 7 mins alternating between Leg Tension and Tempo (both at high Zone 3);
Then 2 x 10 min Threshold Intervals @ high Zone 4; low Zone 5;
Then 4 x 12 min alternating between Fast Pedal and Zone 2;
Then pounded the Bedford Metropark rollers;
Did a couple more HARD efforts to finish up;
10 min cooldown;

I did this ride last year on 1/27/07. Comparing the data and PE tells me is I am not in as good a shape as last year, but am not a total basket case either.


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