Friday, December 28, 2007

Five Things People Don't Know

Gary B tagged me and asked that I disclose five things that people don't know about me. However, since I am a simple person and have had this blog since October of 2005, it may be tough, but here goes:

1. I competed in wrestling beginning at age 7 and continued through high school. In high school I cut a lot of weight, despite my wrestling coach (who was also my physics teacher) advising otherwise. He told me to wrestle my natural weight and do more push pragmatic! I did not listen and was dieting all the time during the season and as a result was bitter and moody. Because of this and various other character flaws, once a match started, I liked hurting people, not in a broken bone kind of way, but in total domination kind of way. Don't be alarmed, I don't like hurting people anymore, except, when I can, on a bike.

2. During 100 mile races and 12/24 hour races, I am constantly doing math in my head. All sorts of things, number of laps, pace, estimating miles per hour, calculating finish time, etc. Sometimes it amazes me that I am actually able to ride the trails/race while my mind is bogged down with various calculations.

3. I have been a lot of places here in the USA over the years, but have never been to Colorado. I am a serious mountain biker who has never ridden in the Rocky Mountains. Is this strange? I am going this summer for sure.

4. This one is stupid, but I wear contact lenses as I am near sighted (can't see distance). I also wear them while training/racing and in the 7 years of racing, have only had them come out once during a race.

5. For my 8th birthday, my parents bought me a Honda SL 70 dirtbike. If you were into dirt bikes, you know this bike, it was the predeccesor to the Honda XR 75. My dad had bought it used (in a basket) months before my birthday and told me he was fixing it up for a local kid. He operated a motorcycle repair shop out of our house, so this did not seem strange. So for several weeks, I was riding this bike that eventually would be my b-day present. I would occasionally get to "test ride" the other bikes he fixed before the owners picked them up so I fell for it hook line and sinker. I was so surprised on my birthday when he presented the bike to me, in fact I did not believe him at first. Over the years, I rode that bike after school just about EVERY day!

That's it. A renaissance man, I am not. No hidden or remarkable talents, skills, etc. As I said before, I am a simple, work and cycling. That's about it but it works for me.



Gary said...

I second #1

Dropping a bunch of weight (usually on a weekly basis for matches), spitting in bags on the bus to drop water weight, taking your frustrations out on others who were unfortunate enough to be on the mat with you, and holding onto that tendancy to want to tear peoples' limbs off when racing... I can hardly wait 'til spring!

Oh, and don't forget to tag 5 unsuspecting bloggers.

Ray Huang said...

#2-I can SOO relate to that one!!

Anonymous said...

what about rugby?