Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Racin' In The Rain

Sunday was the Big Valley XC race. This was the 6th year in a row I have done this race and I was not going to let a little rain (or a lot as was the case) keep me from racing. I got there early to help with set up and registration, but Kevin, Bob, Ross and the boys seemed to have things under control. I chatted with Juan and watched him stir the chilly....hhhmmm chili.

I decided to ride a lap with the Novices. It was slick in spots but not nearly as bad as last year. Did a nice lap in around 52 minutes and rode some with up and comer Darren Spence. After the novice race, I rode around some more to keep warm. I then decided to get my grub on and ate two heaping bowls of Bob Rogers' famous chili. That's gonna' hurt, I thought, but ya gotta eat!

I then decided to register for Expert class, afterall, I was already muddy. Just before the start, they took a poll to see if we would do 2 or 3 laps. I voted for 3 but was outvoted 20 to 1, so we did 2 laps. At the start, I was in the top 3-4 for most of the first lap, until my tire rolled off the rim, tube and all. I guess fat guys need more than 30 PSI. Not having air, or a tube I struggled to get back on track. After what seemed like 10-12 minutes I was back on course. I caught a few people, crashed a couple times, once HARD, but kept going. Results are here, not too good, could have been better if not for the flat (no air, no tube, having to run to my car for the floor pump) and several crashes on second lap.

All in all a good day. Next race is Reagon Park Time Trial. Should be good training for cross season coming up.


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Fritz said...

Sounds like you should stick to the longer races there, Earl.

Cross race in Roch - Cobbs Hill - Oct 7. Come on up!