Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Big M-F'er

It was a lovely day in Meeeechigan (that state up north), 80 degrees, nice breeze, a 25 mile loop x 4 equals 100 miles of fun filled mtb racing. Along with 250 other like minded cyclists, I rolled out at 7am Saturday June 16th for one hundred miles of singletrack racing. Round #3 of the NUE Series saw many pro and semi-pro racers looking for top results at 2007 Lumberjack 100. In the end I finished 30th overall with a race time of 8:30.

I rolled out of Cleveland Friday afternoon at 4:30pm (after the most important meeting of my life) and solo'ed the 400 mile drive to Wellston, MI and the Manistee State Forest. After a smooth and relaxing drive (did I just say that?) I bunked in nice little rental cabin with Ross, Kevin and their wives. After changing some tires, fixing my bottles and enjoying the Miller High Life I turned in around 1:00am. The 5:30 wake up call came very soon thereafter. Ate some breakfast, got the pit area ready, then prerode the first 2 miles of the course.

The race started with a 1 mile paved section followed by a sandy climb. I got a good start near the front and quickly settled into the top 20-25. Soon I caught onto a group that was lead by Gerry Plug, Ernie M., and others. Kevin was in the group also while Ross was up the trail.

Ended up riding the first lap in 1:47. Second lap was ok, staying consistent with the Hammer products. Ended up heading out for 3rd lap at 3:54 race time. Third lap seemed to be the longest lap EVER. Lots of bad thoughts, but lap time was actually ok. Headed out for final lap at 6:04 about 4 minutes behind Kevin. I felt ok, I was not bonking, but I just lost my desire to ride, breath, live, etc. As a result I did a 2:25 lap and finished in 8:30, shitty, but still a pr for a 100 mile. I lost several spots in the last lap and the 20 through 30 finishers were all very close on time. However, I am generally happy with the race...felt good and strong, nutrition was good (except for last 1:30), no crashes, no mechanicals, great trails, delicious free beer by Founders, good people...yeahh!!

The party afer was great, lots of yummy Founders brand beer, some old friends like Alex and Joe from MI. I am really starting to like the 100 mile race format. I do prefer 100 mile point to point version versus Lumberjack lap version, but I am still going to be back next year.




Jason said...

Great result! Hope I can make it up there next year. JM

Joe Partridge said...

Are you thinking about doing the e100?

Rick said...

ok, what was this big important meeting????

Investment Biker said...

Jason - thanks!

Joe - e100 for me. W101 and Shen 101 are planned.

Rick - you know now!