Friday, February 09, 2007

Leadville Waiting Game

Should hear something in the next few days about Leadville. Will I be in or out? If out, then I am heading west for Breckenridge 100 in July. Either way it will be a blast, since I have never been to the Rockies.

Also, added some links of other blogs I read.



Jeff Kerkove said...

Heading west....
Bring some O's.
I have done the Breckenridge 50, and loved it.
Also DNF'd 24 Hr of Winter Park while in 1st place due to altitude sickness.
It's a love/hate out there for us flatlanders.

Investment Biker said...

Roger that! I have never been at altitude, so have no idea how body will react. Hoping for sub 9 hours at LT100, but who knows.