Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How Long Have You Been Training?

People sometimes ask me how long I have been training for a particular race or in general. For example last year, before 24 Hours of Big Bear (WV), someone asked me how long I had been training for the race. I stopped and thought for a moment, and then truthfully answered the question. My reply? "About five years."

No joke, since I started exercising again in 2001 after a 2 year layoff, I have been steadily and consistently riding my bike. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Never really took a lot of time off for several reasons: (i) I like riding my bike; (ii) the exercise keeps the weight off; and (iii) I like that I am building fitness and don't want to go backwards.

Last year I had about 440 hours of training which was an increase over 350 hours the year prior and 260 hours the year prior. This year I am shooting for about 450 hours. So far this year through 15 weeks I have 145 hours or around 9.5 hours per week average. These aren't huge numbers compared to some folks, but that is about as much as I can do with my various family and work commitments.

Later, BRD

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