Monday, September 25, 2006


Last weekend I took the family up to Presque Isle SP in Erie, PA for some R&R and my first Time Trail Event. Really cool event, a 15 mile course with a little hill and about 125 entrants. I ended up in 24th place with a 24.5 mph average speed. Here are the full results.

Then this weekend, after a small (but rowdy) get together for the OSU v. Penn State game, I did a hilly 58 mile road race on Sunday morning. Note to self, eat breakfast or something before a 58 mile hilly road race. Also, remember to take more than 1 bottle, a it's a good idea to have a sports drink, instead of plain water The race was 7 laps of a 8.08 mile course and I signed up for the 1/2/3 race. One the first lap, a group of 5 got away, so I took off and tried, with 2 others to bridge up. We chased for 2 laps, then my hip started hurting (I forgot to mention that I was riding a borrowered road bike) so I slowed down and waited for the chase group. Put some half hearted attacks in, but on the last lap I came unglued with a NICE bonk. I had to get off the bike and rolled VERY slowly to the finish line. All I could think about was the box of donuts I saw at registration and how good they were going to taste. Anyway, felt pretty good except for the BONK and the ill fitting borrowed road bike.

Next week is the final XC race of the year at West Branch SP. Then cross season starts on 10/15.

For the second year in a row, I am hosting a cross race at my parents house on 10/21, complete with beer garden, loud music and cross videos. Here is the link.



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