Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shenandoah Mountain 100

Wow, long time since my last post. Been busy with family, work and some bike riding. Have done a couple races with mixed results. Finished in the field at Zoar Road Race, a hilly 50 mile road race, posted a DNF at Big Valley XC Race (stopped to help a hurt rider) and then last weekend traveled with the family to Harrisonburg, VA. What a beautiful part of the country. Here is a short summary I sent to Coach Brent.


The weekend went well. Family had a nice time, Shenandoah area is beautiful. They had over 400 entrants and a fast field packed with pros and other fast guys.

Race went well, no mechanicals, no cramps. I missed out on 9 hour goal, but am happy with final placement of 9:34 and 48th overall placing. Lots of climbing, a lot more than Wilderness 101. Some of the climbing was single track and technical. The gravel road climbs were longer but not as steep as Wilderness 101.

I finished very strong and must have passed 20 people in the last 15-20 miles. I was very quick in and out of aid stations, passed a lot of people that were resting at aid stations.

Felt good on the last few climbs and rocked the final descents. Overall a great finale to the MTB season and I'll be back next year for sub 9 hour time.

3 Good Things:
Excellent bike prep
Good pacing early on, no cramps
Finished strong, passed a lot of people at the end.

3 Bad Things:
Not able to hang with lead group for as long as I would have liked.
Not able to ride the single track climbs very fast
Rode many of the road sections solo, no benefit from drafting.

Bring on cross, baby!!

Anyhow, coming up next is a local XC race at West Branch SP and then cross season. I just built up a new cross bike, I will post some picutures soon.



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As we say in the triathlon blog-o-sphere.....Bike Porn Good.