Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wilkesville to Wilkesville Training Weekend

Above is the profile of the WIlkesville course. This weekend will be a big three day block of training for me. Tonight I will do 1.5 to 2.0 hours on the roadbike with 20 min warm up, then 10 min Tempo, then 10 min Recovery, then will do 4 x 4 max intervals with 6 min in between.

Friday morning will be 1.5 hour Zone 2 Endurance Ride with 2 x 10 min Zone 4 leg tension. Saturday morning I am doing the Cat 4 race at Race at the Lakes. Later Saturday afternoon, I am going down to Malvern Ohio to ride for 2-3 hours on the Great Trail.

Then Sunday, I am doing the 50 mile Cat 4 road race known as Wilkesville to Wilkesville. After the race, I am going to shoot up to Lake Hope for a 20 mile or so mtb ride.

Volume should be as follows:
Thursday: 2 hrs
Friday: 1.5
Sat: 1.5 (Ratl) and 2.5 hrs (mtb) = 4
Sun: 3 hrs (road race) and 2.0 hrs (mtb) = 5

Good luck to all the Trans Iowa racers this weekend. Sorry I can not make it.


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