Monday, February 27, 2006

Rest Week

Last week turned out to be a rest week as work and family stuff took most of my time. After Saturday's race, Sunday was travel day and Monday was rest day. I did not ride Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday either. That is the most consecutive days I have taken off in a long time. Friday was 1 hour Zone 1/2 ride on the rollers, Saturday was 1:15 on the rollers with some 30 sec intervals. Sunday got outside in 25 degree weather for a mtb ride. Ross and I rode Bedford reservation which was in perfect conditions. Did some good climbing. This morning I did 1.5 hours on spinning including, some fast pedals, leg tension, and some tempo.

Here is an evaulation of my race at 12 Hours of Razorback that I sent my coach:

Overall, very happy! Set goals and achieved them. Plenty to work on and prepare for 24 Hours of Big Bear in June 10/11. I am thinking of skipping TransIowa in April, too far to drive, did it last year, blah, blah, blah.

Three good things.
1. Efficient in pits, no resting - saves time.
2. One minor fall - excellent handling skills with some technical terrain.
3. No mechanicals, flats, etc - great bike prep.

Three bad things.
1. Lap times, 50.93, 52.64, 57.46, 58.66, 59.93, 59.41, 63.28, 63, 65.99, 67.16, 66.56, 66.30 - lost top end speed sooner than competitors.
2. Race awareness - did not know where I was in standings. Could have gone a little harder if I knew 5th was only 5 mins ahead. Partially race promoters fault, my fault and pit crew fault.
3. Aggressiveness - stop pushing really hard to conserve, goal was to do 12 laps, and I paced accordingly. Maybe next time can be more aggressive, stay with leaders for longer.

Later, BRD

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